Collecting Silver, Fakes Breaks & Assay Marks

The information in this book can assist you to pick up a bargain very cheaply, or, if selling, saves you from giving someone else that bargain, in either case, this little book should pay for itself quickly and effectively.

Many people tend to have problems correctly identifying town assay marks. Favourites for confusion are Exeter and Edinburgh, because of the three towered castles and small Georgian items without the town marks. Assay marks should always be regarded as a “word”. The date letter, by itself, is insufficient to identify the date and place of origin. Used correctly, they can assist in various aspects of a collection, especially for family or historically significant dates.

When collecting, you should always aim for the best possible quality pieces. As a beginner it is often very difficult to resist buying three indifferent pieces, to have a bit of a show, instead of one top quality piece. Initially, it is often difficult to spot some of the faults. When confronted by row upon row of somewhat indifferent pieces, it is easy to think that is the norm.

My hope, with this book, is that readers can make the collection of their dreams, with minimal headaches and nightmares.

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